Weird Beard Beers

Beer ListABVFlavours/ informationWhen available specials/ regulars in pubs and bottles
Mariana Trench5.3%Transpacific Pale Ale, best of American and NZ hopsRegular
Black Perle3.8%Coffee Milk Stout, Chock full of roasty malts. Brewed in partnership with Has Bean coffee.Regular
Kentish Town Beard5.5%American Wheat Ale, originally brewed in collaboration with BrewDog Bar Camden.Regular
The Dodo4.6%"DDH Pale Ale, packed with oats for satisfying body and peachy bite. Brewed in collaboration with the Dodo Micropub in Hanwell"Regular
Weird Wired5.7%Extra Pale Ale, loads of Blackcurrant with a hint of lemon Brewed in collaboration with 8 Wired Brewing Co.Special
Choco Azimut6.2%Mint Choc Ice Cream Pale, Packed full of oats, wheat and lactose, cocoa nibs and peppermint for flavour. Brewed in collaboration with Azimut Brasserie in Bordeaux.Special
Sour Slave Simcoe4.0%Day hopped Kettle Sour, Kettle soured over several days with high-lactic cultures, for a clean citrus acidity to balance and compliment fruity hops.Occasionally
Number Th13teen3.2%DDH table Beer, Big, dank, red berries.Special
The Duke Of Dank6.3%Pacific Northwest Style Red IPA, a quintessential US beer Style: the red IPA.Seasonal
Curse of the Ryeclops7.5%Rye IPA, delivers a mix of resin, white pepper & pineapple.Special
Attack of the Ryeclops5.5%Rye Pale Ale, fruity Equinox & herbal Chinook.Special
Night of the Ryeclops6.9%Rye Stout, it's sticky with rye spice, with every sip providing a treat of dark chocolate that is met with dark bitterness.Special
I Scream for you Bruce5.7%An ice cream pale, London Amateur Brewers approached us to work with them on something to celebrate their 10th anniversary.Special
Sadako9.5%A Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, brewed with a base of ten different malts along with honey, molasses, oats and fresh coffee beans, making it a dark, rich, complex experience.Occasionally
Born of Fire6.4%A mixed fermentation Rauchbier with Chipotles Chillies.Seasonal
Black Chistmas4.5%A Cranberry Christmas Stout, subtle roast character plays perfectly with fruity and slightly tart notes from the cranberry, which we have combined with our most favourite hops, Sorachi ace to bring hints of vanilla and coconut to the party.Christmas
Single Hop Chinook7.4%Strong Bitter, pours dark chestnut brown, strong interplay between the sweet special B malt and the pithy bitter American hops. Some fruity esters. Stewed fruit, rum soaked raisins. Really quite bitter.Once only, from 1 March 2013 until gone
Miss the lights5.9%Hop Burst IPA, pours deep cloudy orange with off white head. Aroma of tangerine, plum, apricot and pineapple. Full mouth-feel. The flavour is peppery, gooey pineapple and apple fritter soaked in a delicious toffee caramel.Once only, from 1 March 2013 until gone
Black Perle (old Version)3.7%Pours black with large slight tan head. Slightly thin body, but low abv. Aroma of roasty malts, coffee and a hint of blackberry. Blackberry and coffee make an appearance again in the flavour, along with other dark fruits and a hint of dark chocolate with earthy hops and a hint of milk sweetness."Once only, 17
March 2013 until gone"
Five o' clock shadow7.3%IPA, pours dark Amber. Sweet citrus and some tropical fruit, grapefruit and peach. Long lasting bitterness.Regular
Holy Hoppin' Hell pt 18.5%Imperial IPA, quite sweet, Papaya, mango, grapefruit pith, toffee, caramelised sugar. Really good bittering. Slight higher alcohols!Once only, from 29 May 2013 until gone
Fade to black6.3%Specialty beer, big creamy mouthfeel, touch of roast and a big kick of citrus hops. May develop some roasted coconut character. Perhaps a little on the roasty side for a true black IPA, some may consider it an export stout.Regular
Saison 425.7%Saison, collaboration with Sad Robot from SwedenOne off collaboration
Hit The Lights5.8%A mixed up IPASpecial
Kill Pils5.0%A changing dry hopped PilsRegular
Little Things That Kill3.9%A violently hoppy little beerRegular
Dark Hopfler2.5%A dark milk aleOccasional
Decadence Stout5.5%A luxurious stoutOccasionally
Double Perle8.6%A coffee milk stoutOccasionally
Faithless Spreasheet Ninja5.5%A black PilsnerOccasional
Holy Hoppin Hell9.5%A double IPAOccasional
Safe Word6.6%A chokeberry IPAOccasional
Something Something Darkside9.2%A double India stoutOccasional
Sorachi Faceplant8.1%An India pale aleOccasionally
Centennial Double IPA8.7%Single hop series No.5Seasonal
Defacer11.1%A triple IPASeasonal
Out Of Office7.0%Ethiopian coffee IPASeasonal
Saison 145.6%A farmhouse aleSeasonal
Smoke5.1%A classic RauchbierSeasonal
Spreadsheet Ninja4.8%A single hop PilsnerSeasonal
Bat Oat Of Hell4.0%A DDH oat paleSpecial
Epsomnia '175.3%Wet hop pale aleSpecial
Follow The Worms8.5%An agave chilli stoutSpecial
Gumball9.4%A double IPASpecial
Heaven And Hell!9.2%A double IPA, Aged in heaven hill bourbon barrels.Special
Hippy Hating Hippie4.2%A rose, cinnamon & cardamom stoutSpecial
Hops Maiden England4.5%An English hopped paleSpecial
Impy Hating Hippie9.0%Imperial rose, cinnamon & cardamom stoutSpecial
Master Of Nuggets7.0%A mutant brown aleSpecial
My Own Summer4.8%A double dry hopped, summer aleSpecial
Opulence10.9%A vanilla imperial stoutSpecial
Of Wolf And Man9.6%A massive k!ntSpecial
Peat Rock7.0%A peated India brown porterSpecial
Pogonotrophy Project 15.9%A mixed fermentation Cranberry StoutSpecial
Roots Bloody Roots3.7%A red root beerSpecial
Safe Stout7.7%A chokeberry stoutSpecial
Saison 2810.2%Imperial farmhouse IPASpecial
Sometimes It Don't You Know2.8%A micro IPASpecial
The Next Episode7.6%West Coast DDH IPASpecial
Top Ranken Bitter4.8%A Belgian bitter pale aleSpecial
Two Minutes To Flameout6.5%A DDH soured IPASpecial
Hive Mind5.5%A red ale with honeyRetired
Upside To A Down Day4.6%A breakfast black IPARetired
No Bright Ideas7.3%An India brown aleRetired
You Taste Better When You Are Scared6.5%A tart grapefruit IPARetired
X-Girlfriend4.9%A hoppy pale aleRetired
7TH Church Of The Apocalyptic Lawnmower6.5%A dark cream aleCollaboration
Bazooko Circus4.3%Dark fruit cream ale. For London Craft Beer FestivalCollaboration with London Craft Beer Festival
Bearded Nurse10.2%A barley wine. Partnership with Electric NurseCollaboration with Electric Nurse Brew Co.
Bread Banger4.6%Recycled Bread pale aleCollaboration With The Felix Project
Bring The Long Night4.7%A cocktail stick sour paleSpecial
Call Your Friends9.7%A coffee double black IPACollaboration With Time and Tide Brewing
Cardinal Wolf8.4%A Belgian DIPACollaboration With Tiny Rebel
Coconhagen Lnterpretation6.5%A coconut stoutCollaboration with Wild Weather Ales
Collabageddon 176.4%A Belgian black IPACollaboration with various breweries
Crossing Over9.7%A reverse black & tinCollaboration with time and tide brewing
Dead By Dawn5.6%A cherry breakfast stoutSpecial
Death Growl8.6%A lemon and honey tripelCollaboration with Solvay Society Brewery
Dirrty Haands9.8%An imperial schwarzbierCollaboration with haand bryggeriet
Don't Worry Bee Heavy7.8%A wee heavy style beerCollaboration with BP
F@#k You I Won't Brew What You Tell Me9.3%A west coast IPACollaboration with Odyssey Brewery
The Frog Is Fired4.4%A gooseberry pale aleCollaboration with various breweries
Full Frontaal9.6%A coffee barley wineCollaboration with Frontaal Brewary
God Of The Cold White Silence5.5%A white stoutCollaboration with Steel City Brewing
Sabitual Dffender11.6%A Belgian inspired barley wineCollaboration with Northern Monk Brew Co.
Heavy Fuel5.3%A smoked breakfast paleCollaboration with Hasbean Brewery
Hello Grisette Me You're Looking For?4.1%A hoppy gnisetteCollaboration with Tinity Brewing company
A Lemon Tree My Dear Watson3.7%A lemon meringue pie beerCollaboration with Black Country Brewery
Mesca Ulad8.4%A barrel aged Veda bread porterSpecial
Nuttin' Else Matters6.5%Oatmeal stout. Contains nutsCollaboration with Mondo Brewing company London
Pankot Palace5.4%A masala chai milk stoutCollaboration with la debauche
Pig Smasher6.8%An American redCollaboration with against the grain
Rye Smile10.6%A rye wineCollaboration with the hanging bay
Sally Souirrel Teen Detective5.7%Contains nutsCollaboration with Nanban
Sour Rangers2.6%Apricot Berliner weisseCollaboration with Howards meat co
Suspect Device8.3%A double IPACollaboration with Farmageddon brewing co-op
A World Without Dave5.0%A mint chocolate StoutCollaboration with Kew Brewery
Saltacious Plum5.2%Plum and blackberry kettle sourCollaboration with J Wakefield Brewing
Sawa Sawa4.1%A Kenyan coffee sourCollaboration with Hasbean
Weird Brodmance10.0%A Maple Imperial StoutCollaboration with Brodie's
California Common5.5%Golden beerCollaboration with Pig and Porter
Dirty Perle5.5%Smoked oat milk coffee Welsh oyster StoutCollaboration with Tiny Rebel
Kwantum State7.0%Kaffir lime saisonCollaboration with Wind Weather Ales
Lond Nelson7.4%Farmhouse aleCollaboration with Elusive Brewing
Such A Bohr7.0%Kaffir lime saison coconut stout blendCollaboration with Wind Weather Ales
Ryeclops Ryesing8.6%A Sasaparilla Rye StoutSpecial
Liquorice Tattoo9.0%Imperial StoutSpecial
Salty Liquorice Tattoo9.0%Liquorice StoutSpecial
Kveik To Busan6.3%A Sour Kveik IPACollaboration with gorilla brewing company
Boar oat of hell7.4%A DDH NeipaCollaboration with Boar Boros. Special
Gravelands3.1%A Possessor Pale Ale 
Hit The Morning Lights5.8%A coffee orange IPASpecial
Pogonotrophy Project 15.9%A mixed fermentation cranberry stoutSpecial
Pogonotrophy Project 28.0%A blueberry bretted brutSpecial
Pogonotrophy Project 36.3%A Barrel Aged Mixed Ferm StoutSpecial
Mariana on mango7.1%A DDH Mango IPA. Is a double version of our transpacific pale ale, with double the amounts of hops added during the dry hop stage and loads of mango purée to really bring out those tropical flavours!Special
Knight in sour armour6.4%A sour black IPA, expect your taste buds to go on a wild journey, from stout- like roasted coffee notes, to pine flavours you'd expect from a big west IPA, finally slamming you with the kind of sharp sour you'd expect from berlinerweiss!Collaboration with Tripoint Brewery
Mutiny on the bunty5.7%A coconut stout, another beer inspired by the W7, The Dodo Micropub.Special
Sweet child o' pine4.0%A seasonal pale aleSeasonal special