Marko Paulo Beers


Beer list (*indicates special ultra-small batch)ABVHopsFlavours/ information on the beersRegulars/specials to buy then available
Experimental Pale4.4%New English HopsBitterSpecial
*Northfields Splendid5.1% Shronger English BitterFrom Mid-June
All-New Northfields Biltter4.1% Our Flagship BitterFrom Sep onwards
English IPA5.2% Bitter, hoppy.July onwards
*Milk Coffee Mild?? Lactose. Cacao. Coffee.July onwards
*Milk Mild3.6% Lactose. Cacao. Coffee.Special
Blondin's Citra Gold4.3%Citra, centennialBlonde ale with lots of citra hopsAug onwards
Blondin's chops4.1% Blonde Summer AleSpecial end June onwards
Blondin's Bavarian4.1%Mandarina Bavarian Hops Special end June onwards
Blondin Light4.1%Centennial, Amarillo, ColumbusGolden beerJune/July
Blondin Pale4.1%Centennial, AmarilloBlonde.July onwards
*Dry stout4.4%MagnumDry, bitter, darkJuly
Foreign Extra Stout6.6% Export strength stoutJuly onwards
*Chanter Ale5.2% With Chanterelle MushroomsSpecial
*Summer IPA4.2%  Early July
Walpole's Wallop4.5%East Kent Goldings, Northdown, AdmiralLight-bodied English bitterMid-July
Walpole's Bitter3.5%Wye exp 18, NorthdownOrdinary strength BitterOct onwards
Burton Ale5.5%Admiral, northdown.Strong, bittersweet warmerOct 2018
Dry Stout4.1%AdmiralDry, bitter, roasty, stout.Oct/Nov 2018
Reet Champion3.3%Northdown, Goldings, Wye Exp 18By eck, get yer Sen a pint. Yorkshire BitterJuly 2018 onwards
Gold Rush IPA6.0%Citra, centennial, ColumbusHoppy, Bitter with decent malt characterAug 2018
Blondin's Simcoe4.1%Centennial, Simcoe.Blonde beer. Fruity and bitter.Special
Blondin's Citra4.3%Citra hopsBlonde. Dry.Special Aug
Ealing bitter3.9% Less bitter bitterMid Nov onwards
Ealing strong ale5.5% Strong English aleMid Nov onwards
Coffee Mild Ale3.6% With cold brew coffeeSpecial 2018
Plymouth Rock IPA6.0%CentennialBalanced malt, a balanced grapefruit India pale ale.Oct 2018
Zoigl Kellerbier4.9%Noble, hallertauer, mittelfruh.Cask lager with noble hopsNov 2018
*gold rush IPA. Now on some cask!!6.0%Coming soon!Back by popular demand is our west-coast interpretation of the classic English beer.Dec 2018
*I hate that duck! On some cask!!6.2%Coming soon!Bretted Belgian pale ale. Classic barnyard aromas and funky flavour.Dec 2018

Older Beers

Beer List Cask AleABVHopsFlavours/ information on the BeerRegulars/Specials to buy when available
Northfields LA2.6% Low alcohol Beer 
Northfields Regular3.7% Flavoursome English BitterYes
Northfields Standard3.6% Ordinary strength English bitter 
Northfields Ordinary3.0%   
Northfields Bitter3.7%Northdown hopsBalanced English bitterYes
Northfields Best4.1%Admiral, EKGFlavoursome English Bitter 
Northfields Pale Ale4.5% Crystal malt 
Northfields Finest4.9%Challenger, Northdown, admiral, GoldingsStrong, malty and bitter 
Northfields Special4.9% Strong BitterYes
Northfields Large4.6%East Kent Goldings, AdmiralLarge-strength English BitterSpecial may 2018
American Amber Ale5.1% Maltier then Pale AleApril onwards
Best Bitter4.2%   
Paddington Pale  Bitter SevilleSpecial
Bitter Owl3.3%Challenger, Admiral, Northdown, fuggles, GoldingsLow in alcohol, high on flavour 
Blondin Best4.4%CitraA mid-strength blonde beer with lots of citra.Mid may 2018
Blondin's Special4.8% Citra EditionSpecial
Blondin's Golden Gate3.9%Mosaic, Chincook, centennialBlonde, fruity, west- coast-hopped with bitter finishSpecial May onwards
Blondin's Barrel4.3%Mosaic, Centennial hopsDelicate, Huell MelonYes
Blondin's Gold4.3%Ekuanot hopsGolden beer 
Blondin's Gold4.3%Centennial,citra (flavour),Mosaic hops (early March 2018)Golden beer with lashings of mosaic hops 
Blondin's Red Barrel4.4%CTZ, chinook, centennial1963 Watney's red flavourSpecial
Ipa7.2%US hops :- CTZ, chinook, centennialVery Hoppy. Fruity 
American Pale Ale6.0%Cocktail of US hopsStrong aleMarch/April
Niagara Falls4.9%Citra/Sorachi hopsBlonde, very hoppy, strong ale 
Sauvin Blanc Nelson Sauvin hopsGrapefruit, gooseberrySpecial
Bamling's Barrel4.3%Bramling CrossBlackcurrent 
Galaxy Blonde4.6%Galaxy hopsPeach, PassionfruitSpecial
Galaxy Falls5.3%Australian Galaxy hopsRefreshing Blonde, Double hopped 
Strong/Mild4.6% Strong and mildSpecial
Mild Ale3.6%GoldingsLow bitterness, CaramelYes
Vanilla Mild3.6%AdmiralLow bitterness. Caramel, chocolate, vanillaSpecial
Dandelion & Burdock Mild3.9% Spiced mildSpecial
Winter Mild5.0% Strong,darkOctober onwards
Coffee Mild3.6% Cold-brew coffeeSpecial
Brown Eye Mild3.7%  Special
Harry Porter4.8% Rich, chocolate 
Smoked Porter4.9% Dark, rich, smokeyMay 2018 special
Janet's Street Porter4.2%Admiral, Northdown hopsRich ChocolateyYes
Coal Porter5.2%Northdown, AdmiralRich,ChocolateYes
Double Chocolate Porter5.5% Cacao nibsSpecial
Chocolate Porter5.1% To commemorate the 1814 London Beer FloodSpecial
Tiffany's Porter5.2%NorthdownRich, chocolateSpecial
Coffee porter5.2% Rich, hints of coffeeSpecial
Genius Stout4.0%AdmiralDry, roasty and bitter 
Cherry Stout4.4% Dark chocolate cherry notesSpecial
Milk Stout3.7%MagnumSweet, Creamy with added lactose 
Milk Chocolate Stout3.9% Luxurious stout with added lactose and cocoaSpecial
Cream Stout4.2% Luxurious stout with added lactoseSpecial
Oatmeal Stout3.9% Silky stout with oatsJune/July 2018
Chin Chin Chinook4.0%Chinook, ColumbusBlonde Beer2018
Chin chin chinook5.0%Chinook, ColumbusBlonde Beer2016/7
Hanwell Hopped Pale Ale4.6% Marmalade-laden. Green-hopped pale aleOnce a year, in September time
Pomelo Pale Ale4.2% "4 Chinese Pomelos per 20 L"Special in February
UKIPA5.6%East Kent Goldings, Admiral, NorthdownStrong and bitter, 1877 recipe IPASpecial
Blonde Ale4.5%Maris Otter, Chinook, Mosaic, centennial hops Special
Single Hop & Grain4.0%  Special
Amber Ale4.6%  Special
Ordinary Joe3.0%  Special
Best In Show4.3%  Special for winter 2016
Boston Best Bitter3.9%Admiral, First Gold, East Kent GoldingsLighter English Bitter. West Midlands style.March/April
Niagara Falls - Mandarina Bavaria Edition5% A refreshing eitrussy blonde aleApril onwards
Extra Strong Ale5.2%First Gold, East Kent GoldingsStrong, hoppy bitter 
Ekuanot5.1%Columbus, ekuanotAPA. Citrus, tropical, herbal, pineMarch 2018 special
Amarillo (sub for mosaic)5.1%Columbus, Amarillo (sub for mosaic)APA. Grapefruit, orange, lemon, melon, apricot, peachMarch 2018 special
Centennial5.1%Columbus, centennialAPA. Citrus, floral, lemon, grapefruitMarch 2018 special
Belma5.1%Columbus, belmaAPA. Orange, melon, pineapple, grapefruit, strawberryMarch 2018 special
Sorachi Ace5.1%Columbus, Sorachi AceAPA. Lemon, lime, dill, coconutMarch 2018 special
Citra5.1%Columbus, citraAPA. Grapefruit, melon, lime, goosegog, Passionfruit, lycheeMarch 2018 special
Chocca Mocca5.8% White Stout. Cacao, Coffee 
Clear Head0.5% Experimental Low- Alcohol beerJune 2018 onwards
Proper Champion3.8%East Kent Goldings, AdmiralYorkshire-style bitterMay 2018 onwards
Mildred3.9% Mild, Red. Low BitternessMay/June onwards
Foreign Extra Stout6.6% Export strength stoutMay/June onwards
Best Bitter Owl4.1%East Kent Goldings, Northdown, AdmiralMalty and BitterSpecial
English IPA5.7%All English HopsBitter and strongJune onwards
English Pale Ale4.2%  Special
Golden Gate3.9%Mosaic, chinook, centennialBlonde, fruity, west- coast-hopped with bitter finishSpecial
Imperial Russian Stout7.7% Dark fruit, leather, cigar boxEnd of the year usually
Special Bitter4.7%Challenger, northdown, admiral, GoldingsStrong, malty and bitterSpecial
Crackling fire5.9% Smoked beer for winterWinter special