Ealing Brewery Beers

Beer list (* indicates special ultra- small batch)ABVHopsFlavours/ information on the beersRegulars/specials is to buy when available
EB bitter4.2%Admiral, northdownTraditional English best bitterFrom August onwards 2019
Bolndoin's Brentford barrel5.2%Citra, magnumHoppy, golden aleFrom August onwards 2019
Light Hefeweiss4.2%Hallertauer magnumThirst- quenching white beerSep 2019
Vilnius alus5.7%MagnumLithuania raw ale. Unboiled for a fuller texture and flavour.special Sep 2019
EB dry stout4.4%AdmiralDry and roastySpecial Sep 2019
Little Bo Pils5.0%Saaz, magnumLager beer with Czech hops.Special Sep 2019
Boston' Strong pale ale5.8%Fuggles, northdown, admiralBitter beer with classic English tasteSpecial Sep 2019
Kveik strong7.0%Mosaic, citra, magnumQuite strong ale brewed with KveikSpecial Sep 2019
Lagertha5.0%SaazLager beer with Oslo yeast.Special Sep 2019
Blondin's EB Barrel4.0%Cascade, citraBlonde, bitter and fruityRegular From Sep 2019
Altenberg altbier4.5%  Special October 2019
Old Ale6.3%Fuggles, admiralStrong ale with voss kveikSpecial Oct/Nov 2019
Saison5.8%MagnumStrong, dry and characterfulSpecial Oct/Nov 2019
TW85.8%Admiral, challenger, ekgRich, strong English bitterFrom Oct/Nov 2019
EB IPA6.2%Amanllo, centennial, magnumAmanllo and centennial IPAFrom oct/Nov 2019
Brentford Champion4.0%Admiral, northdown, EKGBest bitter. The ultimate session beerFrom Nov 2019
Idaho pale ale4.1%Idaho 7, magnumPale ale with lots of Idaho 7.From Nov/Dec 2019
Breguntford5.1%Hallertau Blanc, rakau, magnumPale ale with rakau and BlancFrom Nov/Dec
Jewel in the crown3.7%Hallertau Blanc, rakau, cascade.Dry hopped pale aleFrom Dec
Helles5.2%Hallertau mittelfruhMalty, delicate Bavarian style lagerFrom Dec